Progentra Formula

The Progentra formula is unlike anything that the market has seen. The SYNER-BOOST formula is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the formula without increasing the risk for developing side effects. Progentra’s SYNER-BOOST technology is all about ingredient synergy. The idea is to select the right ingredients that are known to synergize with other pro-erectile ingredients to deliver the best results. This allows the formula to deliver the best results in terms of active benefits as well as passive developments in penis enlargements.

SYNER-BOOST technology delivers results never before seen in male enhancement supplements. As a result, there is an observed 250% improvement in absorption, 170% increase in duration, and 200% improvement in intensity. This comes at a reduced risk of side effects by as much as 95%.

Progentra Price not only pushed the boundaries of penis enlargement with the SYNER-BOOST formula; it laid out the gold standard for penis enlargement pills of the future. As the SYNER-BOOST formula is developed from the ground up, it is expected to raise the cost for development and distribution for Progentra, but with our commitment to bring REAL penis enlargement to more people, Progentra has kept its flexible and affordable buying options to keep Progentra prices low.


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    Progentra Reviews


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